Why women sports do not attract high viewership

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Reevaluating How and Why Women Watch Sports

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Do you think pro women soccer players should be paid the same as pro male players?

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The WNBA's Biggest Problem Isn't Lack of Interest From Men. It's Women.

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Opinion: NPF Needs us and why it’s Important

Although reversed earlier this year, Mandelbaum. Pair baseball was, and is, a?. After some reflection on this conversation and thinking about why this may be true, I began to look further into the theoretical reasoning for why women’s sports just don’t seem to get the attention that the men do. The aim of this paper is to present and discuss the sports coverage in the Polish media from a gender perspective.

Do women and men receive the same amount of coverage? It is assumed that the interest of the media depends, among other things, on the popularity of a sport and the fame of an athlete. That is why those American sports do not have a ghost of a chance in the rest of the world (with the exception of American cultural dependencies like Japan and Central America, where baseball is popular).

Why aren't there more TV shows about pro sports teams? As a subject, pro sports leagues should attract pilots like the Mafia attracts screenplays.

Mar 30,  · As March Madness rages on, we wondered what it will take for women's sports to get the same TV coverage, salaries and number of fans as the men get.

The real March Madness: When will women's teams get equal buzz?

The market for e-sports is lucrative and although relatively nascent in Australia, the country is on the cusp of what players say will be a revolution.

Why women sports do not attract high viewership
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When will women's sports get the same attention as men? - CNN