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On social media, privacy is no longer a personal choice

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How Twitter is putting an end to our private lives

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Twitter Updates Privacy Policy to Comply with GDPR

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How Twitter is putting an end to our private lives Twitter O ne of the most It doesn't take the most obsessive privacy freak to suggest that the painful complexities of ending a nine-year. Just go to Twitter, click on your photo/avatar, it's on the upper right side of the webpage.

There you have to click on "Configuración" which is what says in Spanish in mine so maybe Settings or something like that, it's the previous one to the la. Twitter is changing its privacy policy and will let users opt out of letting the social media platform share their data with its business partners ahead of major new rules set to come into effect.

The most shocking internet privacy laws. Twitter was one of the first companies to support Do Not Track (DNT), the website privacy policy. Now, Twitter is abandoning DNT and its mission to protect. The thought of Twitter tracking content in private Direct Messages – which have become an alternative to quick email exchanges for many people – leaves me with a Facebook-like “invasion of privacy” feeling.

Will I stop using Twitter? No, its value still out-weighs its disadvantages. Twitter is where people come to discover what’s happening.

With over million Tweets being sent each day, hundreds of millions of people are exploring links, articles, Retweets, Trends, and Moments to find out more about what’s new.

Twitter privacy
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