Tom s midnight garden

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Classics : Tom’s Midnight Garden (1958)

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Preview of Tom's Midnight Garden Summary: Tom's Midnight Garden is an appealing story on many levels. Tom, a young boy, is sent away to spend the summer at the rented flat, or apartment, of his aunt and uncle. He is lonely and homesick but late one night discovers a mysterious, enclosed garden that.

Six part BBC adaptation of the novel for children by Philippa Pearce. Tom Long is staying at his Aunt and Uncle's. When their grandfather clock strikes 13, he discovers a portal to the Victorian age, where he meets an orphan girl named Hattie.

Tom’s Midnight Garden (1999)

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Tom’s Midnight Garden Soundtrack (by Debbie Wiseman)

This essay is about Tom’s Midnight Garden a book written by Philippa Pearce. The story is about a lonely boy’s adventure in an enchanted garden, who finds a new playmate in Hattie and who shares in the adventure with him.

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Tom's Midnight Garden by Pearce, Philippa and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at In The Secret Garden and Tom’s Midnight Garden the child protagonists enjoy running around in the garden as a liberating activity.

The Poison Garden picks up the motif of running only to invert it again.

Tom s midnight garden
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