Therapeutic orientation

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Therapeutic Care & Social Pedagogy

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School of Nursing Textbook Ordering Key Codes are Now Availble for NURMand Regardlesss of theoretical orientation employed, in almost all cases there will be a fairly significant focus on the therapeutic relationship.


This is because it is thought to represent a microcosm of the outside world and therefore relationships and patterns that exist outside the therapeutic room. "Maroda clearly describes how the psychotherapist's emotional responses to the patient's communications are essential to the change processes that lie at the core of the therapeutic relationship.

Some types of therapy have been in use for decades, such as person-centered therapy (also known as Rogerian therapy), and others are relatively new, like coherence therapy. Trauma Narration and Processing I; Trauma Narration and Processing II; In Vivo Mastery; Conjoint Parent-Child Sessions; Enhancing Safety & Future Development.

Scroll down to begin to take the Theoretical Evaluation Self Test (TEST), a scale of therapist theoretical orientation. (or click here) This interactive web version does not save or transmit your scores, it is for your educational use was created by Dan Coleman, MSW, Ph.D., a professor at Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work.

Therapeutic orientation
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