Sensorial materials

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Montessori sensorial materials

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Montessori education

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Montessori Sensorial Activities

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Fabrics Materials All of the fabrics should be hemmed or pinked, clean, and well pressed. - Box 1: 8 to 10 pairs of fabrics made of natural materials such as silk, cotton, wool, jute, flax, etc.

Here you will find montessori materials to download for home and school. Montessori supplies for your classroom include classified cards, templates, word lists, puzzle cards, art cards, leaf nomenclature, maps, music and more.

of results for "montessori sensorial materials" NEW Montessori Sensorial Auditory Material - Sound Cylinders Sound Boxes Kids Educational Toys For Todder by New Sky Enterprises. Free Montessori Materials Printouts & Downloads. These are some great printable education materials: Free Montessori Printout for Sandpaper Alphabet Cards.

Sensorial materials
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