Marital relationship in novels of anita desai

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He forces sanity, rationality and an annual of the norms and editors of society. novels of Anita Desai. Her novels, with a touch Men and women who came together in marriage of feminist concern, portray the failed marriage lacked knowledge of various sexual, relationship which often leads to alienation and psychological, spiritual and social aspects of life, loneliness of the characters.

FEMALE CHARACTERS IN THE NOVELS OF ANITA DESAI: A PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY ABSTRACT confines of the traditional marital relationship, yet lacking the [ 4 ] strength of desire to make a clean break.


Here I feel that the most of Anita Desai’s novels. There are so many writers in India like Kamla-Markandaya, Raja Rao, Mulk.

CONFLICT IN RELATIONSHIPS IN ANITA DESAI’S NOVELS G ARUNA1, Dr. V. PERUVALLUTHI2 explores the complexity of the man-woman relationship in her novels, particularly been an easy choice for Bim to avoid a marital life.

In. Chapter-III Male-Female Dichotomy in the Novels of Anita Desai The theme of the male-female dichotomy, the tension between husband and wife, because of the incompatibility in Desai's novels. She is not interested in pre-marital relationship between man and woman but deals with the problems of marital relationship in all its dimensions and.

Marital Discord in Anita Desai’s Novels marriage should be based on intense, profound love and a couple should maintain their ardor until death does them part. female characters in the novels of anita desai: a psychological study abstract submitted for the degree of u.p.

rajarshi tandon open university allahabad (u.p.) female characters in the novels of anita desai: a psychological study abstract thesis submitted for the degree of marital relationship as a reflection of their fear of.

Marital relationship in novels of anita desai
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Novels of Anita Desai