Mainstream economics

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Mainstream Economics Has Become a Celebration of the Wealthy Rentier Class

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mainstream economics

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How Mainstream Economics has Led to Clueless Governments

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Jargon, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality.

How the term “mainstream economics” became mainstream: a speculation

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Powerful challenges to the mainstream, especially from ecological economics and modern monetary theory, explain why we are in a hole and can’t seem to get out.

If this article is largely correct, we can conclude that the economics profession is a major cause – directly or indirectly – of most modern evils.

Mainstream economic policy is full of misrepresentation of reality. Propositions like ‘business tax cuts create jobs’, ‘income inequality exists because workers are not productive.

In economics, with the notable exception of Godwin (, “intellectual islands off the mainstream of economic thought”), the term initially characterized ongoing discussions within fields or topics, including welfare, egalitarianism, Marxism, or recent neoclassical theory.

Nov 02,  · The reason you study an issue at all is usually that you care about it, that there’s something you want to achieve or see happen. Motivation is always there; the trick is to do all you can to avoid motivated reasoning that validates what you want.

6 days ago · The whole second half of the 20 th century in economics was an endless rehashing of the free-market ideology (or “neoclassical” economics) versus Keynesian economics (or the necessity of.

Mainstream economics

Apr 27,  · This article was adapted from a speech given at the InvestmentNews “Innovation Summit” in New York, where the author received an “Icons and Innovators” award. Mainstream economics hasn’t.

Mainstream economics
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