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Hong Kong: Teachers' fury over education 'reform'

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The new 3+3+4 education system is taking a toll on an unlikely victim: the Red Cross says its blood bank is suffering from a drop in donations collected from secondary schools.

Under the education reforms, a new academic structure for secondary and tertiary education was rolled out in Hong Kong in Secondary school education was made universal and the duration was reduced from seven to six years. An Analysis of Educational Reform at the School Level in Hong Kong at the School Level in Hong Kong 2 Introduction From the school year /10 the Hong Kong Government implemented a New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum as part of an overall major educational reform.

Higher Education, to help them navigate Hong Kongs impending Educational Reform as smoothly as possible. This Reform, to be completed inwill change the curriculum and structure of all Hong Kong secondary schools and will have a direct impact on tertiary level institutions by adding an additional year.

The Politics of Hope and Cynicism in the Realization of the Vision of the Education Reform in Hong Kong. Pun, Sydney S.

Asia Pacific Education Review, v14 n1 p Mar

Education reform in hong kong 334
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Education reform: The Hong Kong experience