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Do You Know the Difference Between Coke and Pepsi?

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Ideally we go in for the time, sometimes for the obvious pleasure of gulping it down, and may be even due to its time. Watch video · Coke and Pepsi have long been chief rivals.

The American companies have jostled for consumer attention with pointed ads over the decade. Battling for a shrinking soda-loving population. History has shown us that America was built on the back of positive rivalries. #-ad_banner-#Like the long-standing feud between the New York Yankees.

So inwhen Pepsi-Cola really started outselling Coca-Cola in the cola market, Coke decided to revamp its formula and created New Coke, which was a sweeter taste designed to mimic Pepsi’s success at those blind taste tests. What is this drink?

Coca Cola and Pepsi are such products that have been scrutinized by the environment and human rights department for inducing bad and unhealthy food products. As a company Pepsi is far bigger than Coke, Pepsi owns a lot of brands such as Yum Foods, Pizza Hut, KFC, A&W, Long John Silvers, Taco bell and many other also owns a lot of other brands and companies but Pepsi outweighs all of Cokes businesses.

When Diet Coke surpassed Pepsi to become the No.2 soda in America, it was as if the Cola Wars had finally declared a winner: Coca-Cola.

Some may argue that the Cola Wars were over long ago.

Coke pepsi
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Pepsi vs. Coke -- the new cola wars are here